Take a look at the record of the policy forum prepared by the SIEA under the Taftie 2021 Presidency, focused on the future of the European Union, planned financing in innovations and healthcare.

The last meeting under the Slovak presidency in TAFTIE in 2021, Policy Forum, was a form one-to-one interview held by Mr. Martin Smatana, Slovak expert in health care, with Mr. Alexandr Hobza, Chief Economist, Head of Unit R&I Strategy and Foresight, DG Research and Innovation of the European Commission.

Mr. Hobza as keynote speaker was focused on how the innovation can and should be our way out of the Covid-19 and future crises. How we should be to prepare for the future crisis, which will come. He brought his look at the broader future, look at the challenges that the EU is facing now and in the future. He introduced us with elaborating on the EU policies which relates to the innovative efforts.

The Policy Forum was only streamed on-line and you can watch its recording: