Interview was part of Taftie Annual Conference – Europe as A Leader In Carbon Free Strategies, under SIEA Chairmanship in 2021. 

What instruments are needed to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050? Innovation as a supportive tool for neutral climate. What measures are binding on EU Member States and how can help the Member States’ innovation agencies in their implementation? What impact do EU measures have on innovation and research? What will Europe looks like in 2050? Will carbon neutrality affect to the relations between the V4 countries? Dramatically rising energy demand is one of the world’s most pressing challenges. In addition, access to clean water and other non-renewable resources is becoming increasingly important. The promises of new technology are posing questions: can green tech be efficiently used in a new industrial revolution? Does digital technology create a more inclusive and environmentally-friendly society? How countries are approaching these challenges and how governments could, can and should support resilience, mitigate impacts of climate change and what are the most promising tools for this long term battle against the result of our own development? Is recovery and resilience facility a trigger that will redirect our path? And how limited access to the scarce resources and water could influence global security?