Dear All,

In February we started our SIEA TAFTIE Chairmanship for year 2021 with first events. TAFTIE Expert Session was focused on the mission and role of municipalities and cities in dynamic and uncertain times we live in. We had inspiring discussion and capable presentations from our guests and speakers. Thank you all for your participation and attention.

Additionally, congratulations to Petra Dzurovcinova to be one of the 10 women who’ve made big strides for their communities and innovating local government, according to Bloomberg Cities.

Here are the most important ideas, reflections and lessons we learned.

  • Have a strategy and follow, step by step. Always try to find a solution to move to another level. Be proactive more than reactive. Nevertheless don’t forget, smart and innovative solutions must work for citizens, communities and improve the quality of life. Technology goes hand in hand with social innovation.
  • Fully support communities in their effort to innovate, build bridges, open the doors for reasonable participants and have all the key players on your side. If it’s not possible, create a coalition with supporters, visionary and do the first steps, don’t forget to communicate openly and fairly.
  • Find a reasonable international platform and partners to learn, consult, share. Encourage researchers to use all the real testing environments, living labs, to fully understand the needs of citizens and communities.
  • On the government level we need to centralize our effort, implementation and cooperation with experts and a responsible central body. Leadership is essential.
  • Don’t forget funding, public and private. Create urban responsibility initiatives, involve companies to innovate the urban process and build the trust.
  • Young people are the future, universities are great places to increase public awareness about future cities, eco innovation, creative solutions.

Full video from Expert Session _ City as Innovation Hub is available here.

We are looking forward to another expert session in April with the topic of Artificial intelligence / Robotics vs. Humanity.