6. September 2021

Hamish Taylor will also be the keynote speaker at the September event Taftie.

It is a great honor for us that Hamish will be our keynote speaker at the Taftie Expert Session: Networking!…
3. August 2021

One to one interview with Mr. Martin Hojsík, Member of European Parliament, Renew Europe Group, about Green and Innovative Europe

Interview was part of Taftie Annual Conference - Europe as A Leader In Carbon Free Strategies, under SIEA Chairmanship in…
3. August 2021

Brief summary of the Annual Taftie conference – Europe as a leader in carbon-free strategies

At the Annual Taftie conference in June, we addressed the topic of Europe as a leader in carbon-free strategies. At…
10. June 2021

We are honored to welcome Maayke-Aimée Damen as a keynote speaker on our Annual Conference

Maayke-Aimée Damen (MSc. honor) is a pioneer in circular economy and sustainability: she has been working towards reshaping the waste…
14. May 2021

Will the AI wins over the humanity? Look at the brief summary of the last Taftie Expert Session

The second Taftie Expert Session under SIEA Presidency took place during on the last Thursday in April 2021. The main…
3. May 2021

4 Q 4 Arunas Mark

4 Q 4 Arunas Mark, AI BOOST Lithuania Project Lead for policy and private sector, and FintechLT Project Manager at…
22. April 2021

Azeem Azhar is part of our event

It is a great honor for us that Azeer will be our keynote speaker at the Taftie Expert Session: Artificial…
16. April 2021

4 Q 4 František Duchoň

4 Q 4 František Duchoň, professor, the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, National Centre of Robotics   Which types…
15. March 2021

Brief Summary _ TAFTIE Expert Session _ City As Innovation Hub

Dear All, In February we started our SIEA TAFTIE Chairmanship for year 2021 with first events. TAFTIE Expert Session was…
4. February 2021

4 Q 4 Eduardo Maldonado

Eduardo Maldonado, President at ANI Portugal When you briefly summarize TAFTIE chairmanship ANI 2020, what do you personally consider as…