Artur Bobovnicky, Director of Innovation and International Cooperation at SIEA Slovakia

What do you see as the most important aspect of SIEA membership in the TAFTIE network?

There are many benefits arising from our membership. If I leave aside the very important aspect of creating personal networks and personal learning, the main benefit would be the adjustment of self-perception and self-assessment of our work. It is very important to be able to compare yourself with the best in the class and many our members are simply the best in their class in areas they are active in. So we can benchmark our effort, we can be proud of some things and we can learn continuously what we can do better.


What do you see as the main task for 2021?

TAFTIE similarly to all organisations around the world has to adjust to the new way of doing business. We have to accept the fact that face-to-face meetings will be less frequent this year and we have to concentrate on how to make our meetings more engaging, more attractive, and vibrant. We have to invest our time finding a way to talk more about interesting things, needs, practices, challenges we are facing in supporting the innovation ecosystems to grow and leave numbers for reading, not for discussing.


How would you like to see TAFTIE at the end of this Chairmanship?

I truly hope and I am not giving up, that we will have a very nice policy forum in November somewhere in Bruxelles and we all will meet in person, talk, joke, and work as we used to do in past years. I hope that regardless of the limitations we are experiencing, TAFTIE will emerge stronger, knowing that we were able to react quickly, be agile, and efficient in supporting innovation ecosystems in our countries that grow and our companies to be more competitive in the global markets. And all of that while working in a virtual world. Once we will be in a real environment again, all of that will emerge as a new capability of this unique network.


What do you expect would be the most rewarding experience being TEFTIE Executive Secretary for 2021?

I firmly believe, that we will be able to present Slovakia as a country, that regardless of its position on the European Innovation Scoreboard, it has a lot to show, share, and propose to others. I believe too, that the whole team in our agency will get new skills in organising truly international events and representing the country and agency.